The Political Hurricane Statement Regarding Our Position in the FDP Chairs Race

In recent days this website has been the subject of much conversation regarding our role in the continuing campaign for Florida Democratic Party Chair. Let us set the record straight on a few matters.

  • While we advocate and support Alan Clendenin, we have in  no way benefited from his campaign financially. We have not charged for the ad on this website which is merely a statement of our support for his candidacy.
  • We have in no way coordinated our articles or series of articles with Mr. Clendenin. In fact, our writers operate autonomously, and in many cases our writers have expressed opinions completely independent of the other writers on this site. Both Dave Trotter and Kartik Krishnaiyer have strong personal opinions about the Democratic Party and these opinions sometimes conflict with the others’ view . However, they write independently under independent bylines and that is clearly noted in each article.
  • Many of the questions raised about the role of this website in the race have been brought forth due to wild misinterpretations by those who either have a vested interest, be it political or financial in the fight for party chair. Unlike some of these attacks, we have not resorted to use anonymous websites, phony twitter names or fake handles in expressing our views.
  • We  strongly support Alan Clendenin’s candidacy for Chair. This however has no effect on some of the solutions we advocate for the future of the party. It is entirely possible in some cases that Allison Tant could implement similar structural changes. Our editorial opinions are not shaped by Mr. Clendenin’s candidacy but by our deep, abiding and committed belief in change for the Florida Democratic Party. To the extent that Mr. Clendenin’s candidacy is based around some of these ideals, we echo the same message. But this message is in no way scripted or coordinated.

It is important to understand this website is an independent entity that has not made a single cent off of political campaigns or candidates in 2012. We strive to maintain our independence at all costs. We take any implication of this being compromised seriously and that is why today we have put out this statement. Happy New Year to each and everyone of our readers. Let us hope that 2013 brings about the types of changes in the political process that many of us yearn for.

Thank you for your continued support of The Political Hurricane.


12 thoughts on “The Political Hurricane Statement Regarding Our Position in the FDP Chairs Race

  1. It’s called a double standard. TPH attacked for advocacy & reporting while the other side profits off the party’s incompetence and unwillingness to be accountable. Who cares if you guys coordinated with AC? The other side does it!

  2. it is too bad you had to say this. The other side is full of conflicts of interest. Why do you have to apologize and justify your actions? This site has been educational, a public service during this race. The usual FDP spinning and operating in a vacuum has finally been debunked. You have made this debate more open and allowed Democrats across the state to learn about this process. Please keep doing what you’ve been doing. This is important to making our party more open and accountable.

  3. Screw the Randolph’s, Ruth’s List and the others attacking this website. This has been the best development in Florida Politics during 2012. Don’t close the year you guys so brilliantly affected by neutering yourself at the request of those profiting off our party.

  4. What a way to end 2012. This is is ridiculous guys. It is a well written statement but we didn’t expect you of all people to back off. As this website has pointed out time and time again, the party staff and consultants are effectively and openly campaigning for Allison Tant.

    The double standard as Walter correctly points out is apparent here. You guys shouldn’t react to what some PAID “ACTIVISTS” say on Facebook & Twitter. We’ve all seen the hysterical and embarrassingly self pitying commentary from Scott and Susannah Randolph. Responding to what two absolute frauds say about you isn’t a cool way to end the year.

    Most of this love this website and what you offer. Those angry are just bitter and upset that they are being rightly challenged for what they have said and done.

    That fake twitter was hoot also. @demfla really? Good job Kartik refuting that with actual facts.

    Those supporting Tant want to continue business as usual. They want to gloss over her support for Republicans, her husbands representation for the bush family, her duplicitous statements on DBT. This website raised these issues and made us aware of the agenda behind Tant. As we enter the most critical stretch of the election don’t let them get away with these lies.

  5. Don’t apologize to the crooks like Scott Arceneaux who run the Democratic Party and his cronies who want to keep the “gravy train” going with their incompetent consultants who keep loosing races the Democrats should be winning and keep getting rewarded with more $$$ contracts. It’s disgusting the millions we spend on out of state DC and Chicago consultants that are no better than the people we have right here in every corner of the state. The current FDP director and staff is no different than Jim Greer and his cronies on the Republican side. Alan Clendenin will hopefully get the big broom out and clean out the scum that has been ruining the Florida Democratic Party and has caused us to continue to loose elections locally and statewide despite the Democrats overwhelming edge in voter registration. Allison Tant is no more than a clueless puppet who has never been to a DEC meeting in her life and now overnight she wants to work with the DEC’s that she has had zero interest in or cared about before. Tant is there to rubber stamp the Party staff that is scared to have a FDP Chair like Alan Clendenin that will be looking over their shoulder and caring about what is going on in the trenches out in the counties. Are we Democrats are going to reward the wife of the lawyer who defended and stuck us with “W” Bush and fought Al Gore tooth and nail in court so “W” could become President? Really? Have we all lost our minds? Please don’t be fooled! This whole race is about the millions in “gravy train ($$$)” that Scott Arceneaux doles out to his incompetent political consultant friends and the fact is Scott Arceneaux and his cronies want to keep the “gravy train ($$$)” going and have “hand picked” Allison Tant to be their new “rubber stamp” boss. Elect Allison Tant FDP Chair, and the Democrats will keep on loosing races to the Republicans and we will continue to be stuck with the miserable Republicans ruling Tallahassee as they do now. Don’t let Tallahassee and Washington tell you what to do! Wake UP Democrats! The future of the Florida Democratic Party is at stake! It’s time for a change and new leadership. Allison Tant is the past. Alan Clendenin is the future.

  6. I do not often comment on blogs but you guys have done a public service and you should not let Arcenauex and his I’ll intimidate you. Stand tall and keep fighting the good fight. The party will change sooner or later.

  7. Let me assure everyone here that our coverage and editorial bent will not change. We were just seeking to clarify our role in the process here not announce a change in editorial direction. As stated in this statement, we have been subjected to misrepresentations as to our intentions, affiliations and integrity by some in our party. We used this space to clarify where we stand and to reiterate how we operate. Thanks again for your continued patronage.

  8. I found your articles very informative. Remember, they did not take the Daily Show or the Colbert Report seriously until they found more people watched them than some of the other network shows.

  9. Just read Allison Tant 5 point “PLAN” in the St Pete Times for the FL Democratic Party…what a joke!

    If you read between the lines it was entirely written by FDP Executive Director, Scott Arcenauex who hand picked Allison Tant to run for FDP Chair to be his new boss.

    If you read the “fine print”, it’s all about the same old “Tallahassee Knows Best” plan that has us Dems in the woods, with the Republicans totally in charge in Tallahassee, by keeping the same old tired FDP guard in charge of running campaigns dictated by Scott in his loosing throne in Tallahassee, pulling his puppet Allison Tant’s strings, and doing whatever Scott wants to do with his loosing out of state consultants and sole dictating where the FDP millions $$$ goes.

    The (Allison Tant Plan) part 1 and 2 about “centralizing data” and “investing in better (Tallahassee based) data for our (little) DEC’s and candidates to use in the future by “utilizing the same programs and systems” based in Tallahassee. What the hell have they been doing all this time with the millions they have pissed away to loosing Democratic campaigns??

    Part 3..”Recruit strong candidates” Really? Scott has highly paid consultants that have done an absolutely miserable job of recruiting awful candidates and doing nothing to support Democratic candidates around the state except for a hand picked few of which most end up loosing.

    Worse, Scott and Allison (according to their 5 point “PLAN”) want to hand pick and appoint a totally brand new “advisory Board of Trustees” of more do-flunky rubber stampers totally bypassing the duly elected State Democratic Party Executive Committee men and woman from around the state whose job it is to run the party and oversee the party operations. Allison and Scott’s plan will totally decimate the party by-laws that we are all duly sworn to uphold.

    Wake Up Democrats! If you elect Allison Tant, the rulers (Scott Arcenauex and his “cabal” of Tallahassee lobbyist and out-of-state consultants) in Tallahassee will continue to reap millions at the expense of Democrats continually loosing races around the state.

    So we are going to continue to reward failure?

    If these guys were in business, they would have been fired long ago.

    Don’t be swayed by Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and some flunky from Sen Nelson’s office telling you how to vote!

    Don’t be stupid! Florida’ s Democratic Party Committeemen and Committeewomen from every DEC in every county in the State of Florida should come to their senses and not be fooled!!

    Vote for REAL change and true victory for all Democrats in Florida. Vote for Alan Clendenin for FDP Chair!!!

  10. As I point out in today’s piece she has some good points in her plan, but those were either lifted directly from Clendenin’s plan OR will be impossible to execute effectively with the people around her. Tant herself has never been the issue for me. It’s the insiders that have ruined our party and as you say would have been long ago fired if they were running ANY business in our society. No accountability for those who do not perform. That’s something she is lacking in her plan that would shoot an arrow right at the heart of her benefactors.

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